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Posted by patrickmonaghan on October 31, 2013


Patrick Monaghan

Member: Canadian and British Equity 

Christmas Carol        Jacob Marley,Business Man   Grand Theatre,London/Megan Watson

Christmas Carol                         Jacob Marley,Business Man    Grand Theatre,London/Dennis Garnhum

Port Authority                            Joe                                              Fly on The Wall Theatre,Toronto/Rod Ceballos

Review : 

The Elephant Man                     Carr Gomm, The Conductor      Broadway Theatre, London. UK/Cameron Jack

Review :

Midsummer Night’s Dream     Oberon                                           Rising Tide Theatre/Ken Livingstone

West Moon                                   Narrator                                         Rising Tide Theatre/Bill Glassco

Harps of God (Premier)         Mullowney                                 Rising  Tide Theatre/Richard Rose

(Governor General’s Award for Drama,2001)

Noises Off                                     Selsden                                            Stephenville Theatre Festival, NL/Todd Hennessey

Midsummer Night’s Dream     Bottom                                            Stephenville Theatre Festival, NL/Marty Burt

Murder by the Book                   John Douglas                                Theatre on the Grand,Fergus,Ont./ Virginia Reh

Christmas Pantomime              Squire Slug                                     Savage Ent./UK/Gloria Warren

House of Blue Leaves                Artie Shaughnessy                        Theatre Nfld & Lab/Jerry Etienne

West Moon (Irish tour)        Narrator                                          West Moon to Ireland Inc./Ken Livingstone

Garland House (Premier)   Mr. Garland                                    Rising Tide Theatre/Bill Glassco

Trinity Pageant                         Sir Richard Whitbourne               Rising Tide Theatre/Self-directed

The Moon Also Rises                Voice                                                  West Moon to Ireland Inc./Ken Livingstone

Oliver                                          Mr. Sowerberry                                Theatre Nfld & Lab/Edmund McLean

The Fantasticks                        Henry                                                School of Theatre and School of Music/Caroline Schiller,Livingstone

Nicholas Nickleby (I & II)      Ralph Nickleby                                 School of Theatre/Ken Livingstone,Charlie Tomlinson

Comedy of Errors                    Egeon                                                  School of Theatre/Jean Morpurgo

Waiting for Godot                   Lucky                                                   School of Theatre/Ken Livingstone

The Country Wife                    Quack                                                  School of Theatre/Arif Hasnain

Twelfth Night                           Sir Toby Belch                                   School of Theatre/Denise Fergusson

King Lear                                  Earl of Kent                                        School of Theatre/Ken Livingstone

Nora                                           Krogstad                                             School of Theatre/Maurice Good

Laramie Project                      Various                                                School of Theatre/Todd Hennessey

A Flea in Her Ear                   Feraillon                                              School of Theatre/Arif Hasnain

The Crucible                            Deputy Gov. Danforth                      School of Theatre/Ken Livingstone

Hamlet                                     Ghost                                                    School of Theatre/Ken Livingstone

Love for Love                          Sir Sampson                                       School of Theatre/Arif Hasnain

Romeo and Juliet                   Capulet, Friar Lawrence                  School of Theatre/Ken Livingstone

As You Like It                         Duke Frederick                                   School of Theatre/Maurice Good

Sam’s Shorts                           Voice                                                    School of Theatre/Stephen Drover

The Sea                                     Evens                                                  School of Theatre/Todd Hennessey

‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore          Donado                                              School of Theatre/Todd Hennessey

Marat/Sade                             Herald                                                School of Theatre/Ken Livingstone

Madwoman of Chaillot         President                                           School of Theatre/Renée Baillargeon

The Seagull                              Sorin                                                   School of Theatre/Ken Livingstone

Victoria Station                      Taxi Driver                                        School of Theatre/Ken Livingstone

Mutabilitie                               Sweeney                                             School of Theatre/Ken Livingstone

Art of Success                          Sir Robert Walpole                          School of Theatre/Ken Livingstone

Twelfth Night                          Malvolio                                             School of Theatre/Michael Waller

Hamlet                                     The Ghost                                           School of Theatre/Stephen Drover

Threepenny Opera                 Filch                                                     School of Theatre/K.Livingstone

Twelfth Night                         Sir Andrew Aguecheek                    School of Theatre/K.Livingstone

Love’s Labor’s Lost                Costard                                                School of Theatre/Maurice Good

Film and Television:  Recently completed filming role of “Thomas Lewis” in “The Titanic.New Details.” Directed by Sam Taplin. Toronto. To be shown on Discovery Canada Channel April 9th. 2017.

Extraordinary Visitor          SOC                                                    Film East Inc./John Doyle

The Curtain Rises                  Principal                                             Ryerson Film/Matt Hornburg

The Divine Ryans                  SOC                                                      St. John’s NL

Hungry Ghosts                       Lead                                                     3-Asthmatics Productions/Scott Keating

Liminality                                Principal                                              Liminality Inc./Darryll Callcot

Wizard                                    Lead                                              Cineplex Ent./Briana Templeton

Titanic.New Details          Principal                                               Alibi Production/ Sam Taplin

Wizard                                Lead                                                   Cenotte,USA/Casey Storm

Jewish gentleman             Principal                                            Historical Films/ Len Perl

Patient                                Actor                                                   HHP2/Michael Sinyl

Several characters            Principal                                            Historical Films/ Len Perl


“P.C.Bs.”                                 Narrator                                               CBC Radio/Diane Humber

“Ozone Depletion”                 Narrator                                              CBC Radio/Diane Humber



Acting Classes :                     Maurice Good; Denise Fergusson; Arif Hasnain; Ken Livingstone;Jerry Etienne

Shakespeare Intensive:       Janine Pearson; Tanja Jacobs; Miles Potter; J.Lambermont;Seanna McKenna;  P. Bowen(Humber College,Toronto)

On Camera  :                         John Boylan, Lynne Cormack (The Audition Lab.)

Special Skills/Other:

Driver’s Licence S/A; Squash; Cricket; Soccer

Accents: Cockney; Irish; Liverpool; Yorkshire; North of England;RP;German

Fluent in French.Producer of the two week tour of Ireland of Al Pittman’s play West Moon(2001). $140,000 project.

Actor in Residence:School of Theatre,Newfoundland,Canada,1998 to 2010


AGENT :           Gorbett Talent (E.I.C.)     phone: 519 369 0193     e-mail:

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Posted by patrickmonaghan on August 20, 2013

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